Instructional DVD


The Daffodil Study is aimed at the improver student who has a very small amount of experience in watercolour painting.
Kevin has combined his vast experience as an artist and teacher to produce this DVD which will provide you with the practical and artistic knowledge and skills that will allow you to enjoy your journey into the magical world of watercolour painting.

Showing you how to:

  • Simplify drawing using the basic shapes
  • Increase the visual impact of this subject by using a small tonal study
  • Use negative painting to isolate flower and leaf shapes
  • Mix suitable shadow colours for flowers and leaves
  • Use fluid washes on dry paper to develop foliage and flowers yet retain the softness of this watercolour
  • Correct, lift out and restate colours
  • Achieve varied descriptive brushwork and many other techniques of watercolour painting

All materials used are listed on the DVD and a free full size
sketch is included with some additional notes.

Cost 15 Euro plus 2 Euro Postage and Packing

Running time 57 minutes

Only available in PAL format.
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